Top 20 Global Pharmaceutical Company

Northbrook, IL

  • Submarket: Northbrook
  • Type: Office Headquarters
  • Size: 425,000 SF
  • Year Built: 2011
  • Architect: Goettsch Partners

The headquarters for this client, a top 20 global pharmaceutical company, was constructed in 2012 and is a six-story, two-building complex located in Northbrook, IL. Committed to sustainability, our management team worked closely with the U.S Green Building Council and the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure the proper implementation of the property’s sustainable building design and practices.

Property Facts

  • Winner of multiple awards, including Office Development of the Year Chicago Design Excellence Award for Interior Architecture
  • Certified by the USGBC as LEED Gold for its environmentally-conscious development
  • Construction process included getting 77% of the property’s wood features from managed forests certified by the Forest Stewardship, using 35% recycled materials, 45% locally-manufactured materials, and 85% of waste created during construction was recycled
  • Complex uses high-efficiency heat and air-conditioning equipment and plumbing fixtures to reduce water consumption