Healthcare Out of the Hospital

Chicago, IL | April 26, 2021

MBRE Healthcare Out of the Hospital

The healthcare market has taken a massive shift toward offsite development— we know, because MBRE has been heavily involved. The trend of smaller outpatient facilities has only been spurred on by the coronavirus pandemic and will continue to rise and shift even after the world is vaccinated and Covid-19 is a memory. Offsite healthcare is nothing new, and MBRE is here to help you take a deep dive into this ever-evolving world. And in future blogs, we hope to help illuminate just where the medical industry is going within all facets of American lives. But first—the what?

Southeastern Spine Institute, Multi-Tenant Medical Office Building & Ambulatory Surgery CenterYou've probably noticed the healthcare shift already: smaller, localized, specialty-care healthcare facilities. Many of these sites are highly customizable but follow similar templates: 10,000-square-foot facilities that are closer and more accessible to the patient than hospitals. These handy healthcare facilities are ideally placed to be accessible, sometimes even across the street from retirement communities. These satellites won't replace giant medical facilities or hospitals—those are still being built—but there's a vast market for second-tier users who want accessible care.

MBRE envisions more centers like the Southeastern Spine Institute, which serves as both a medical office building and ambulatory surgery center. This Mt. Pleasant, SC location can appeal to multiple tenants that are committed to spectacular outpatient service. MBRE’s team provided preconstruction and project management on this facility. Our favorite takeaway from this project was that it proved that you could have a lot of flexibility with a small project. This small-facility flexibility means our clients can better serve the patient when not restricted by full-scale hospital projects' demands.

Ultimately, the world's current state will only amplify how small healthcare facilities are propagating within neighborhoods, small towns, and suburbs—not just urban areas. For one, the pandemic has highlighted to the public that you don't necessarily want healthy people going to the hospital for simple procedures, scans, and check-ups. And now that the world better understands this, healthcare systems can create offsite medical resources that are community-focused in a positive way. Lessons learned from the pandemic are a call for everyone in healthcare to be good social stewards and to provide a sense of safety and confidence for employees and patients alike.

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