Earth Day is a Time to Celebrate, but Sustainability is a Year-Round Commitment

Chicago, IL | April 22, 2019

For nearly 50 years, April 22nd has marked a time for people across the globe to celebrate clean air, land, and water. As we usher in Spring, suggestive of new beginnings, Earth Day is also a time to recommit to the fight against climate change and protecting our enviornment. A large part of these efforts come from companies like MB Real Estate who recognize commercial real estate's huge role in energy consumption and take the necessary steps to keep our community safe and healthy. 

For Earth Day 2019, we’re sharing the hard work of our Asset Management team who have successfully implemented energy saving practices across our entire portfolio, reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing operational costs for our clients. But every day, we acknowledge that sustainability is a year-round commitment, and pledge that our dedicated staff will continue to prioritize these important initiatives.

Commercial properties are one of the leading energy consumers in the world, and in 2005 MBRE joined the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the premier program for green buildings and communities worldwide. The USGBC provides a framework to create healthy, efficient, and cost-saving green environments and recognizes properties and professionals that successfully integrate its program with LEED accreditation, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. To date, 13 of MBRE’s managed properties are LEED-accredited, and almost 20 of our staff members are LEED-certified.

In 2016, MBRE’s Sustainability Committee was formed to lead the charge for change. The committee is made up of MBRE’s LEED-certified professionals and other members of our Asset Management team who work together to find new ways to enhance our buildings’ energy performance, educate our tenants on how they can practice sustainability at the office, and track our progress.

Based on data collected by the committee for 2018, our portfolio made incredible strides to reduce our environmental impact. Along with our Asset Management team, MBRE’s tenants and clients have been vital to our success in sustainability.

MBRE managed buildings recycled 1,234 tons in 2017

In celebration of Earth Day 2019, our buildings are hosting a number of tenant events focused on sustainable living that include recycling and donation drives, awareness seminars, tree planting, and much more. We’ll also be distributing a copy of our Eco-Guide for Tenants that provides everyday tips to save energy and minimize waste.

We’ve made a lot of progress since starting our sustainability initiative, but our work doesn’t stop here. Moving forward, we are committed to further increasing our efficiency and implementing new and improved energy saving programs at our managed properties. As a company that’s all about people, we’re proud to contribute to a healthy and productive environment for our tenants and community.

Like everything we do, MBRE’s commitment to sustainability puts You.First.

To learn more and view our Eco-Guide for Tenants, visit our Sustainability page.