Dog Lovers Rejoice – 333 North Michigan Lets You Bring Your Pup to Work

Chicago, IL | March 13, 2018

What makes the work day just a little better? How about a dog-friendly office? Effective immediately, tenants at 333 North Michigan can bring their furry friends to work – any floor, any time.

The decision to implement a dog-friendly policy at 333 North Michigan was made to benefit tenants who have pets at home, as well as let businesses offer employees a unique work perk in a highly competitive job market.  “We want to give tenants the opportunity to bring their dogs to work to relieve the stress of leaving a pet at home alone all day,” stated MB Real Estate vice president and general manager of 333 North Michigan, John Wegforth. “We also understand the importance of workplace perks and flexible arrangements for companies’ recruitment and retainment efforts, and want to give our tenants a leg up on the competition.”

According to Banfield Pet Hospital’s 2016 “Pet-Friendly Workplace Pawrometer” report, an overwhelming number of the 1,006 employees and 200 Human Resources decision makers surveyed were extremely happy with their companies’ policies allowing office pets, citing boosted morale and productivity, reduced stress among workers, and increased company loyalty, among other significant benefits.

Although the number of dog-friendly office buildings has grown nationally in recent years, the policy is still relatively uncharted territory in Chicago’s Central Business District. 333 North Michigan is one of very few in the downtown area that allows dogs, along with One North LaSalle, a commercial property also managed and leased by MB Real Estate.

Although most office buildings in Chicago don’t currently allow tenants to bring their dogs to work, dog-friendly workspaces may very well become the norm as more companies expect this specific perk from property owners. But for now, MB Real Estate and our partners are helping you and your business stay ahead of the game.