You’re Invited: The Daley Plaza Will Now Host Your Private Events

Chicago, IL | September 05, 2017

Are you ready to say “I do” or looking for the perfect spot to host your company’s next summer party? A longtime in the making, Richard J. Daley Center’s Daley Plaza is now available for private and commercial events. The Plaza has long been recognized for its cultural significance and has hosted some of Chicago’s most notable civic and community events, such as Christkindlmarket Chicago and the Daley Plaza Farmers Market. Now, everyday people and organizations interested in using the venue can take advantage of the famous space, conveniently located in the heart of the Loop. MBRE’s Andre Wiggins, general manager of Daley Center, commented, “Expanding Daley Plaza’s use will help attract private and major corporate clients for events such as work outings, exhibitions and performances, markets and festivals, and wedding receptions. Not only will Daley Plaza provide a truly unique and beautiful setting for an event, but the new activity will also generate revenue that will offset many of Daley Center’s operational expenses.”

Daley Center hosted its first private event in July 2017 for Time Out Chicago, a leading media and entertainment business, for the company’s Battle of the Burger competition. The event featured 14 Chicago restaurants and drew a crowd of over 800 guests. MBRE's Sydney Pryor, special events coordinator for Daley Center, stated, “Time Out’s Battle of the Burger showcased restaurants from all over Chicago and brought people together for a very successful event. We want Daley Plaza to continue to be a space that promotes Chicago culture and brings the community together, and we can do that more effectively by expanding the criteria for who can host events at the venue.”

The decision to open up the Plaza to a variety of events was penned by the Public Building Commission (PBC). Speaking to their resolution, PBC executive director Carina Sanchez stated, “As Chicago’s premier civic center, and one of the city’s architectural highlights, there have been a number of requests to have weddings and other types of special events on Daley Plaza.  Seeing how much interest there was in the space, in December of last year, the PBC Board of Commissioners approved a resolution that authorizes the expanded serviceability of Richard J. Daley Center and Daley Plaza to allow private and commercial events and activities. We are delighted to open up the Plaza so more people can have the opportunity to utilize such a remarkable space.”

So, whether you’re a bride who’s always wanted your big day against the backdrop of a Picasso statue, or a company looking for a convenient spot for your next corporate outing, Daley Plaza is (finally) an option to consider. For more information on events at the Daley Center, click here